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Law Profession, being so diverse, can leave law students & freshers confused about how to follow the right path. Not just the professional part but law school journey can be difficult because of lack of knowledge in following a solution-driven approach towards the dilemmas faced.

We, at Towards Law Career, aim to resolve all such professional & student queries by way of industry expert blogs, awareness about unexplored legal careers, summarized case laws, targeted webinars, and application building services amongst many others. 

Explore the blog and if you still can't find a solution to your career queries, then share it with us!

Industry Expert Blogs

Law Careers

Learn from the experts!

Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Want to become a corporate lawyer? Do the charms of this career path interest you?

Litigation, law practice


Planning on becoming a litigating lawyer after graduation?

Read through our blogs to learn whether you have the requisite skills or not!

Law professor

Law Professor

Want to become a law professor?

Aim to impart all your knowledge on the budding lawyers? 

Check out our blogs to get a head start!


Criminal Law

Aim to build a career in Criminal Law? Learn more about the various paths you can pursue to aid this interest of yours!


Higher Degrees

Want to pursue LL.M, PhD, BCL or any other specialized degree after your graduation in law?

Read on to make an informed decision!


Dispute Resolution

The oldest area of law emerging as the newfound interest amongst young lawyers. Discover what this field of expertise has in it for you!


Careers in law

noun_Sports_1176751 (1).png

Sports Law

Want to become a

sports lawyer ?

 Ever wondered what goes on in the inside, what kind of restrictions are our favorite players bound with, what are the obligations of the concerned commissions and the likes?


Public Policy

Interested in

policy making?

If you are the kind of person interested in making a career out of betterment of the society then this might be the right path for you!


Aviation Law

Want to become an

aviation lawyer?

A branch of law that concerns flight, air travel, and associated legal concerns including contractual obligations.

noun_admiralty law_3316337.png

Maritime Law

Want to become a

maritime lawyer?


Maritime law, also known as Admiralty Law, includes and covers all kinds of issues related to the law of the sea and other maritime disputes.

—Pngtree—journalists live coverage_16386

Legal Journalism

Want to pursue journalism after law?

 Are you interested in the media and entertainment side of your legal career? Along with research do you possess good speaking skills? This might be the career for you!

Explore Business Development as a law student!

Do you like strategic planning and event management more than reviewing documents?

Discover how you could pursue a career in it as a law student!

Business Development

—Pngtree—vector business plan icon_41712

Services we offer

to law students/freshers!


BYA is specifically designed to help you ease out your application process for internships, jobs, and other career positions. Now overcome all the anxiety of building an excellent CV, Cover Letter, or SOP. Just tell us your requirements and we will take it from there.


This segment focuses upon clarifying all your career queries in online sessions with professionals having first-hand experience in specific fields of expertise.


Case Briefs

Find relevant case laws of every law subject in a summarised form.

Helpful for your exams and practical applicability!


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