What is the blog about?

Towards Law Career is a unified platform that aims to provide a clear insight to the upcoming lawyers of various career paths they can pursue after graduation.


Making a career decision can be a hefty task. Questions like:

1. Would I be the right fit or not?

2. Will I like the work I am assigned?

3. What if I cannot balance my work-life?

4. How can I get an edge over others since there is such competition?

5. Should I go for a higher degree, if yes, when?

6. I don't belong to a good law school, will I be able to make it in a good firm?

7. How different is the reality from the fictions like Suits?

And so on.

Such big questions can definitely eat up one's brain without any fruitful conclusion in the end. This is the kind of dilemma we, at TLC, strive to address and resolve. 


The best way to understand a particular profession is to learn from professionals having the first-hand experience. 

We, at TLC, connect with such law professionals from time to time working in different areas of law and communicate all the above-mentioned queries to them on your behalf. Finally, after using their expertise and knowledge, we provide various services, which in turn, help law students understand a career from the inside to make an informed decision.

Not satisfied?

If you explored the blog and still couldn't find an answer to your dilemmas, don't worry.

Submit your issues with us and we will address them with the help of law professionals already engaged in the concerned fields.

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