Are you new to legal writing? Are you still exploring your research skills and writing style? Do you have unpublished work in the form of articles, college assignments, write-ups about trending legal issues, internship experiences, or anything similar?

Then why not get it published so students like you can share that knowledge and build confidence in the process?

We, at Towards Law Career, believe that every accredited writer once wrote their first article which required a lot of brushing and numerous drafts before making it big in the field of writing.


To get published here, all you require is a drive for writing, good research skills, and determination to create something unique (free from plagiarism). That's all, and we will publish your work here for free to help you explore your inner writer while thousands of people from the legal industry read your work and get inspired.

Start small so you can get published big, someday!



Submissions can be on any legal issue ranging from articles, college essays, internship experience, case comments, write-ups on trending legal issues, opinion about particular legal field/issue, and the likes


TLC invites submissions from law students, practitioners, academics, and researchers

Instructions for Authors

  1. Font size of body text must be 12 and in Times New Roman; Font size for headings must be 14 and in Times New Roman; Sub-headings must be in Font Size 12. All the text should be spaced 1.5.

  2. Footnotes should be size 10, single spaced in Times New Roman. A uniform style of citation shall be used (no particular style required).

  3. The work shouldn't be published anywhere else and must be original and unique (Plagiarism upto 10% is allowed).

  4. Co-authorship of 2 authors is allowed.

  5. The minimum word limit is 500 words and the maximum is 2000 words (depending on the kind of submission and the issue being addressed).

  6. Mention your name, institutional/professional affiliation, email address and phone number on the last page of your submission.

  7. Submissions must be made in Word Document. 

How to submit?

Submissions must be emailed at with the subject line "Blog submission for TLC".​

You shall be intimated about the acceptance/rejection within 10-15 working days of your submission.

No Deadline. Submissions are invited and shall be accepted on a rolling basis.


For Queries

Write to us on  or you can WhatsApp us on 8447831222 (no calls shall be entertained).