Company Law

Be it your exam or your interest in corporate law, with a career in law, you will require a good hold on important cases of the subject in order to get end-to-end insights. 

Check out this section to find important case law briefs covered under Company Law in the 5 year LLB curriculum, topic-wise.

Characterists of a company case briefs in company law.

Independent Corporate Existence, Ltd Liability, Perpetual Succession, Separate property, and To Sue & be Sued.

Consists: 12 Case Briefs

Consists: 8 Case Briefs

case briefs on memorandum of association
cases on certificate of incorporation in company law.

Consists: 2 Case Briefs

Consists: 13 Case Briefs

important cases for doctrine of indoor management.
case briefs for prospectus in company law.

Deemed Prospectus, Public offer of securities in dematerialized form and Criminal Liability for Misrepresentation in Prospectus.

Consists: 8 Case Briefs

promoters topic in company law and its important cases

Consists: 5 Case Briefs

More topics to be covered, soon!