Journalism after Law- Exploring the Niche

Journalism is one of the most sought-after professions nowadays. However, being a law student what would be the best course of action to pursue this career path?

How can a law student gain experience in this field before pursuing this career path? What are the niche areas in journalism that are suitable for law graduates?

If you find yourself asking these questions, then you are at the right place.

Guiding your way

NC Bipindra

An advocate practicing in the Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court, who also edits Defense and Aerospace magazine in Defence.Capital.

Law and Journalism are those two professions which require dedicated working hours to do justice to the amount of work they include. Both the professions require excellent communication skills and a curious mind to come to the final outcome.

So, the question arises, being a law student, how can you pursue Journalism and more importantly, in which area of expertise? Also, is it possible to pursue both at the same time?

Let’s find out with a special focus on the niche of Defense and Aerospace Journalism.

What can a Law Student expect in this profession?

1. Defining this career from the inside

An education in law always helps when one wants to pursue journalism, as most of what one reports as a journalist has some relevance in legal affairs. For eg, any journalist reporting on the Supreme Court, High Courts and other courts, Parliament of India proceedings, and even politics need to have an understanding of provisions of law that govern these pillars of democracy.
Law as a career and a career in journalism are certainly not the same, but knowledge and education in law will enhance the performance of one as a journalist. Experience as a journalist, from the other standpoint, also help a career in law, for you gain writing and communication skills as a journalist. That way, both are complimentary to each other.

2. Pursuing both the interests simultaneously

It is possible to pursue both the interests of Law and Journalism together only when one does journalism as a passion and a hobby. An individual can't be doing justice if one tries to pursue both the professions simultaneously. No one can ride two horses for a long time. Also, there are legal restrictions from both professions on pursuing a parallel career full time or part time.
The best option would be to be a professional, full-time advocate and be a casual writer-journalist, for passion's sake.

3. Niche areas for Law Students

Courts, environment, business, politics, corporate, finance, economics, are all good niche areas suitable for law graduates.

What can you do as a student?

1. Best course of action after graduation

The best course of action would be to just apply for jobs with newspapers and television channels, and chase opportunities. But after law, usually one is looked as the best suited for doing reporting on courts and cases. But a law graduate can fill in and fit in to any role in the journalism field, including in backroom work such as editing content.

2. Mind these qualities

Be inquisitive and be ready to learn through depth reading and understanding of issues. Topics should not be dealt with casually and frivolously, but thorough study is required before one writes.

3. Where to intern

Many media organizations provide internship opportunities. Most of them do. Apply for and take up internships at media houses.

Defence and Aerospace journalism: A niche

1. What is it like?

Defense and Aerospace journalism is a highly technical field, where law as a subject will help in understanding regulations related to defense and aerospace. It is a very high profile, much sought after niche area. It is a tough subject to master, but with perseverance, the subject can be learned.
This subject deals with aircraft, military equipment, military laws, arms and weapons procurement, etc.

2. Need for any prior technical knowledge?

This is true only to a certain extent. Anyone can acquire the technical knowledge regarding defense and aerospace sectors even while pursuing these subjects in journalism. It is just a matter of being inquisitive and diligently learning new subjects.

In conclusion,

After graduating from law, you are qualified and ready to pursue whatever your heart desires, including a career in the military. So, go ahead and pursue a career in whatever field you feel like.
But never lose interest in law, try and analyze all subjects from the legal point of view and see how your knowledge is sought after and is duly recognized in the industry/sector you choose to work in.

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