Pursuing one of the most noble career paths

Teaching is one of those professions which not only contributes to the teacher’s own career but to his/her students’ lives as well. There can be numerous reasons why one decides to be in this profession, however, many students can face problem in deciding how to start and continue with the journey. More so, what is it like to be a law school professor/teacher?

in conversation with:

Dr. Zubair Ahmed

Assistant Professor, University School of Law & Legal Studies, GGSIP University, Dwarka , New Delhi

He has been in the profession for almost a decade and has previously taught in Campus Law Centre, DU and IILM Institute.

Key lessons that you learn in the journey

One has to be passionate about his/her teaching job. Teaching assignment and research work are always interesting and challenging for a beginner. But, learning is continuous process and one has to strive hard for different teaching methodologies.
It will be definitely rewarding if teacher took seriously by adopting different skills of clinical education. Teaching students and engaging their interest in your subject is highly rewarding, allowing you to shape and inspire the next generation of academics

Success takes hard work

Students' satisfaction is the most important thing for a dedicated teacher to ensure. One has to devote sufficient time for preparing every lecture by referring main textbooks, contemporary cases and likes. Your sincerity and commitment towards class always makes the difference. Discourse on critical analysis of specific areas is always encouraging.
There is always a challenge for a teacher to comprehend nuances of basic concepts of any specific subject. In such a case, professional skill development activities should be conducted related to syllabus of any subject as to understand practical aspects of different core area of subjects. Guest lectures, moot court competition , problem based questions has to be addressed and initiated considering the nature of subject. Research work is equally important for a teacher for promotion at university level. Quality publications play a constructive role in shaping the career of a law teacher.

Want to pursue this career right after graduation?

Time is the most important factor in every career path. One must utilize his/her time in getting admission in LL.M, PhD as soon as possible. An aspiring student should also devote sufficient time to prepare for NET examination. It is important to clear this examination as it will clear the path for an aspiring candidate to apply for assistant professor in different law schools.
I have learnt a lesson that timely submission of PhD work and publications will play major role in the academic life of a law teacher.

In the end,

Every student has to be clear about their goal as what they wish to do before completing their graduation. CV building is most important task for every student so it is important for every law student to participate in moot court competitions, debate competitions, presentation of your paper in different conferences, selective publications and various legal activities apart from internship.

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